Friday, March 18, 2011

Aaahhhchooo - Oh no!

I was speaking with a friend about how I am finally, sort of, getting a handle on the rising trot. It has taken me forever to get a smooth consistent rise, and to usually be on the right diagonal. Pippi is a bouncy horse, mostly due to her size as she is only a little over 15 hands, and takes small steps. With my own long legs; I have struggled to find a way to get my muscles to operate correctly. My lower back muscles have winced, my thighs screamed, and my bootie, well sitting at the office was an issue one day.
My friend, who does not ride anymore due to medical issues, spoke of how riding really helped with her back issues, and with aligning her whole body. She has had issues with her hips for a long time, and riding helped where other exercise and massage therapy had failed her. She misses riding so much.
I mentioned how riding has really helped my daughters posture, and as she is 5'11" her posture is important. Tall girls look terrible when their posture is bad, as my own mother reminded me daily.

So we both agreed that riding is wonderful, it is fun and can really be beneficial to overall health and fitness.

"And I did not pee myself when I sneezed either, when I was riding all the time," said my friend. We are both moms, and as all moms know, a surprise sneeze can cause some issues and potentially some embarrassment. I had not even thought of that, but that is reason enough to keep trotting right there. Even if I hated it.
We should spread the word: hey, you're a mom, do you tinkle when you sneeze? Do you like horses? You should ride!

Rising trot, and you won't have a spot!

I can see the commercial now: a middle aged woman, watching her daughters soccer game, and talking to a bunch of other parents, seasonal allergies, oh no she is about to sneeze..................ahhhhchoo! Panic spreads on her face, she ties a sweatshirt around her waist, and makes an excuse to run home. "Does this happen to you? Well we finally have a solution that does not involve medications, or surgery." Cut to the same woman riding at a trot rising up and down, up and down.

It would get me in the saddle.


  1. Just found you - I'm middle-aged too - actually maybe a bit beyond middle age . . .

    Your horse is adorable!

  2. LOL!! I am not a mom, but your post made me smile. Glad you are conquering the rising trot :)


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