Thursday, April 23, 2015

"Selfies" are hard!

Pippi still has a little heat in her hock, so we are spending our time cold hosing and walking about. Today she kept putting her head over my shoulder giving me little hugs while we were walking about in the indoor.  Tracy over at Renatus' page takes great selfies, and I thought how hard can it be? (Tracy is adorable, Renatus is stunning, so that helps!) I hate pictures of myself as a rule, but I am trying to get over that. The pictures I have of my mom are very precious, and I bet my kids would like to have pics of me too ( I know my daughter would as she moans about the lack of pictures I take all the time!)  

So I picked up the iPhone and started trying to figure out how to get both Pippis face and my own in the same shot. The moment the phone came out, Pippi was no longer interested in hugging me. It now became a game to stop moving until I lifted the phone, and then quickly move out of range. I took a host of pictures, a sampling you can see above, I took 14 pictures, and I like 1!And that is not my favorite of Pippis. I don't see us doing more of these anytime soon......

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