Sunday, April 19, 2015

Pippi celebrates her birthday

Today April 19th is Pippis 10th birthday, and we celebrated like we always do with a song and some yummy fruit. 

You can see video of her enjoying her Apple on you tube. 

The birthday was not all we wanted it to be because Pippi sustained some deep gashes in her hinds Saturday. She rolled too close to the fence, and got her legs stuck between the boards. I hear she kicked the heck out of the fence and we are lucky this is all she did.
Poor Pippi! So today we spent the day cleaning and cold hosing and icing her legs. Thank goodness for the Ice Horse tendon wraps. I love them and have been using them creatively all day. 

I recommend them highly! 
Pippi did get a massage today though, and since she was sore from our lessons she loved every second of it. Thank you Brooke! 
I will be going out before work in the morning to hose her legs again. There is still some heat, but not much swelling. Let's hope she heals quick 


  1. Poor girl and on her birthday! Getting the ice on those legs quickly helped immensely, I bet. Hope she is on the mend today!

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  2. Thank you Kelly. She is about the same. Switched wound cleaner and gave her some bute.


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