Wednesday, April 17, 2013

About being prepared by being nervous early

The clinic "Ride with your Mind" is this weekend. THIS WEEKEND!! So, since this is my first solo outing as the Equestrian, and not just as a Show mom, I am a bit nervous. You may recall that I did compete twice, but that was because we were already there, and so it was more of a lark. This time I am the only rider, and Pippi has been my project for the last six months. As a part time, here and there rider of the past little was expected, but now that I ride three times a week, and have my own Trainer just for me, well...... I feel a little pressure.

So I decided that I was going to deal with the nerves early. I would channel my nerves into preparing. Miranda normally prepared by cleaning, packing and organizing, but now it all falls on me. My friend trailers Pippi on Thursday, but my car is already packed. Throw in the saddle and I am ready to go.
And you know what, I am less nervous now. So being obsessive seems to have worked.

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