Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lie for me? Will ya?

Four months ago taking Pippi to a clinic seemed like a GREAT idea. Two months ago it seemed like a GOOD idea. Last week it seemed like it might be OKAY. This week it seems like the most addle brained idiotic asinine bunch of horse manure I have ever heard of.
Funny how it take on a new perspective as the event creeps ever closer. Really makes you wonder huh? Makes me wonder if Tequila and Valium is just frowned upon, or really a bad mix. Makes me ponder all kinds of things, like what types of excuses would sound plausible.

 Pippi is lame? It could happen. Happens all the time. Sometimes your horse just turns up lame, and all you can do is audit the clinic. Bummer!!

Pippi threw a shoe, and there is no farrier to fix it? I looked at her yesterday and there were no shoes. As a matter of fact I have not seen them since last fall, so that is a problem. (If I leave out that she is barefoot now, this could work). Except, knowing Kara, I would be offered Selena to ride within seconds of such news. Dang it!! Same thing if Pippi was lame, now that I think about it. Oh MAN!!!!

I can't find my saddle? Sounds good, but I bet those "friends" of mine would let me borrow anything that I was missing. With "friends" like that.......(you end up riding in a clinic!!)

The Truck broke down? Oooh-good one. Except it is not my truck, so I would have to get Tracy to lie, and she won't because she is in cahoots with all my other "friends." In times like these TRUST NO ONE!!

Fine, all I can think of is faking illness. What's going around? Clearly I need to call a friend with kids in Elementary school as any conversation with such a creature will lead to a chat about what is going around, with details about length and symptoms of said illness. Now we're talking!!

The only thing is..............what if not going leads to regret? I hate regret! Always reminds of those times when I was a kid and decided to stay home like a big girl when my parents went somewhere. The moment the car left the driveway I would be filled with such regret.

NO!!! I want to go after all. Come Back!!! 

Trying to send mental images to my mom; feel my pain, come back! MOM!!!! Mom???

This mental battle will rage for the next week for sure. Shall I go or shall I chicken out? Pippi will be moved to Kara's for the weekend on Thursday April 18th around 6pm. The clinic is Saturday and Sunday. So by moving early I will have time to acclimate Pippi to the arena and everything. Unless you, my true friends and supporters, can come up with legitimate lies that prevents me from going.  Well?

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