Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New helmet from Great Company.

I have been shopping for a new helmet since Equine Affaire Ohio in April 2012. Miranda found a new one there, but hers still made me look like a Mushroom head. I know some of that can not be helped, but I refused to feel silly. So Equine Affaire this year was the perfect opportunity to try on more helmets, and find a better fit. And try on helmets I did. A bunch of helmets, in every booth that sold them. Poor Donna and Miranda!
I finally found a helmet that I thought was okay. No size 7 available. The price was $179. I am thrifty, and love a good bargain, so I wrote down the name of the helmet, and started shopping online.

The helmet I wanted was the IRH ATH SSV helmet, in the Long Oval shape. (for my long oval head)

Yesterday it arrived. Feast your eyes:
So, after Google searching for quite a while, I found that Smartpak had my helmet for $229.95. I also found a company that I had never heard of, Adams Horse & Pet Supply, that had the helmet for 152.99. Quite a price difference, but I was leery of ordering from a new company, so I asked Smartpak if they would Price Match. THEY DON'T DO THAT!! Say what? Yeppers, they don't do that. Sorry, Smartpak, great company, love your supplements, but I will save the $76.96 and go with Adams.
Well, after I added the helmet to my cart, I googled for a promo code, found one and was rewarded with an additional 15% off. So after shipping I paid $137.69 for the helmet!!

I saved $41.31 by not buying it at Equine Affaire.
I saved $92.26 by not buying it from Smartpak.

And I received prompt service and a great product from Adams Horse & Pet Supply. So check them out the next time you shop online.

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