Thursday, September 20, 2012

"That sounds good."

Just hung up the phone after a very productive chat with the Future BO, Denise. I like her, and I like her attitude towards horses and training.
We seem to have the same overall attitude about horses; take care of them, put their needs first and your ambitions second, and use them in the discipline they (the horse) are most suited for. That does not mean that you don't push and train your horse, but be honest and open minded enough to see what the individual horse can and can not do.

With this move I am trying to iron out future issues before they occur, be clear in my expectations and know theirs. I plan to ride in the evening, Denise rides during the day so that is fine. I plan to ride between 7 and 9pm, and Denise would like me to leave at 9 at the latest so that is fine. I plan to come over Monday, Wednesday and Friday around those times, and at differing times on the weekend. That is all fine. Denise already feeds the feed I use, No change -YAY!!
Denise understands and even applauds my mind set on waiting forever and three days before I resume training/riding Pippi due to the Tendon injury. I told her that when Pippi is cleared for riding, I still want to wait more, and Denise agreed whole heartedly.
I told her that if this injury proves to have changed Pippi's riding discipline, so will I change mine. If there is to be no more jumping, we will switch to Dressage I think. And Denise said that she never decides what a horse will do, the horse does. (she is a Trainer btw). What does the horse excel at? What does the horse seem to enjoy doing? What is in the heart of the horse? (a spooking horse does not a great eventer make, regardless of athletic ability.) Sure training can do wonders, but there is a reason NBA players are tall, and gymnists are short, and lawyers are attorneys. Just sayin'......

The move happens October 6th. I am ready, I think, but dread leaving Donna and Kevin. Kevin dreads Pippi leaving, and offered to buy her for a whole $100!!! So that tells you two things, he loves Pippi and knows that the actual amount is astronomical (due to me over pricing her as much as he undervalued.) Donna and Kevin are the best. The absolute best! And was it not for my wish to ride, get a hillside field, a bigger stall, an indoor arena, and not have to spend all my time feeding and scooping, Pippi would never leave their place. No place will ever be better for Pippi in terms of love and affection and care. She will miss them as much as they will miss her. But I hope to cajole them into visiting her as much as possible. Kevin is hauling her over there. He'd like to see the new place, and make sure it meets his approval for "his best buddy." Donna gets quiet and blinks her eyes a lot when we talk about the move, and I am sure there will be tears all around.

Pippi sure is a special horse to inspire this much emotion.......


  1. Sounds like the right move for Pippi and you - well thought out and what is best for everyone. I hope Pippi gets cleared to jump again - but if not, dressage is not that bad :)

  2. I am sure Pippi and I will enjoy doing Dressage if jumping proves to be too much for her. I hope that she can jump, at least the lower level stuff, but we will handle whatever comes our way. :)

  3. I hope Pippi will be able to jump again.
    Good Luck with the move.

  4. Thank you Ruffles.
    I hope she can jump again too.......but I am prepared to do whatever she needs done.


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