Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I'm Alive, just real busy

Quick update for those who wondered if I fell off the planet, or perhaps a horse which put me in traction and therefore  I am unable to blog. I did neither, just got busy, and tired. Too tired to ruminate online....

Pippi and Miranda went to the "big show;" Pippi spooked in arena 1 due to HUGE wide, busy looking jumps, but did quite well in arena 2. So a 50% success. She did however pull a tendon in the front left, no idea how or when, but is on rest until healed. Not sure how long that will take, but committed to giving recovery all the time it takes and then some.

Miranda is super busy with, and committed to, nursing school and is taking an Equine break to concentrate on that. She plans on taking over a friends horse in the spring, and continuing her riding with him.

Pippi and I are continuing our adventures alone, with occasional visits from Miranda. With the lack of activity Pippi is kicking about, and put her back legs through the fence, causing all kinds of booboo's. So with the fornt two being wrapped to support the tendon, she now has both hinds covered by meds to keep infection in sores at bay (and flies). She was in a small confined area, too small to run, but giving her a chance to stretch her legs for a moment. Rolled, and well there you have it.

In other news: Pippi is moving to a place that will give me some help (full board), her some room (for when she can run around again), a larger stall (while she is on stall rest), and an indoor arena for us to use through the winter, and the company of horses her own size (may she realize that she is EQUINE and not HUMAN!!!!) The move will happen early October.

"2-Point Bling" is taking off quite well. The breast cancer fundraiser is September 28 & 29th, and I have most of the shirts done for that ($10/shirt goes to the fundraiser). Have other orders also, so I am keeping busy. Spend most of the evening, apart from the time spent walking Pippi about, in the "sweatshop" as my hubby named it.

So there you have it......


  1. So glad you posted! Wow - you don't have time to breathe right now! Busy is good, though, right?

    Sending many healing thoughts Pippi's way - we spent a week doing the cold cast wraps (messy, yuck stuff, but effective) and standing wraps + stall rest. Luckily, Riva is pretty good at standing around getting waited on! Sounds like Pippi is fed up.

    Exciting things happening for you, Miranda, and Pippi. Keep everyone posted when you can!

  2. To answer your question about the dressage boots - they are 'Dressage Boots 2'. Both Smart Pak and Dover carry them. I was told the Dover brand are a little stiffer and rigid - the Smart Pak ones came out of the pkg soft and pliable. Best part is they are machine washable!


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