Monday, September 24, 2012

Moved up the move

We are now moving on the First. October 1!!

It occurred to me that it may just be better to move on the first, rather than wait until Saturday. It keeps us from having to prorate the first months board, and as long as Kevin has time to haul us we are set to go. As usual the kind Kevin, Mr.Sure Honey, said yes. And the new BO, Denise, said that works great for her, so are are leaving in a week from today.

Yesterday I took our little pickup, Tacoma, to the barn, and loaded up all the things I don't need for Pippi right now. The jumps, poles, saddle racks, saddles, etc etc. Holy Motherload of crap. I am taking this move as an opportunity to organize, clean and perhaps pitch a few things. It is amazing all the items we have accumulated in the last four years. I left with an entire truck load full. FULL!!! of equestrian "must haves."
Drove slowly home so as not to jostle anything out of the truck bed as I had to leave the tailgate down due to the poles sticking out. Our garage now looks like a dirty tack store having a yard sale. MUST GET IT TOGETHER!!

We had a mini Horse Show at Donna and Kevins this weekend, it was exhausting but so fun. Cleaned stalls all Thursday evening, washed five horses Friday evening, and had a show Saturday. Whew!! And yesterday I had to get caught up on sewing, so I a bit frayed at the edges today.

Chance, the mini that Miranda normally shows (she is taking a break due to nursing school), was a GIANT PAIN IN THE .........!!! He fought me hard, and knocked me to the ground when I was putting hoof black on him. The little bugger. Then he kicked out at me during the halter class! So I lunged him, and he got his act together. He is just one those horses that needs his "ass beat" as Miranda says. (Not really beat, but he sure needs intimidation and a strong hand.) The judge clearly did not favor him, nor did "our horses" enjoy having strange horses on their home turf. Not the best showing for us, but as usual we had a great time.

Grandma (Donna's mother) came down and watched. I drove her down from the house, and she stayed for several hours. When I was taking her back up the barrel pattern was still set in the grass, so I drove the full pattern and Grandma Laughed heartily. I had rolled down my window and hollered "WooHoo" at the top of my lungs. She stated "you are just a bit crazy" and patted my arm three times. I Grandma speak that means "I adore you," as she is not the most verbally effusive.

So a great weekend. This coming weekend is the Reality Farms Equine Center (whew, mouth full) Annual Fundraiser Weekend. I have the shirts ready, and we hope to raise lots of money for Breast Cancer Research. 

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  1. Hope all goes smoothly with your move to Pippi's new home! Post pictures when you can.


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