Monday, June 11, 2012

A shout out for Stumpy

This is Stumpy:

Stumpy is my familiar, as in a "witchs' familiar." According to my hubby, that is. 
He has a point, Stumpy is my constant companion when I am home, where I am there is Stumpy. 

Stumpy is a Short Hair Exotic cat, and named Stumpy due to his lack of tail. He was born after an emergency c-section where he was stuck. They tried to pull him out, and sadly removed his tail in the process. Thought to be dead by the Vet, they took a chance and rubbed his little body vigorously, and brought Stumpy back.

Animals can bring such joy, love and companionship, and Stumpy sure has added all of that and more to my life. His Aunt, JingleBelle, is my life's greatest gift (I dreamed of a true Persian since I was nine), but after this weekend, I want to give Stumpy the spotlight.

I suffer, agonizingly, from Migraines. They come on quick, and rob me of precious energy and time. Saturday Afternoon went from being a great day out with the hubby, and a promise of some yummy dinner out, to an afternoon and evening/night in the basement. I chose the basement for the cool air, the extreme darkness and the quiet. Fan hitting body, not face, ice packs on neck, wash cloth for eyes. At four-thirty I went to bed, and the next morning it was finally over. (can't take meds right now as I am scheduled for a small procedure soon)
My family knows to stay away when I get a migraine; don't even check on me for fear that they will wake me if I get some precious sleep.

As I lay there, rolling back and forth trying to find any semblance of comfort, and wondering if I should in fact just go to the hospital for a shot, I had a friend by my side. As I vomited, two soft paws where leaning on my shoulder, and whiskers would tickle my face. When I slept he would retreat, but as I woke he was right there. Softly greeting me with little meows, soft purring, and kneading paws. I don' recall ever waking without him, and he handled my frustrations and rantings with ease. Curling up with front paws on my shoulder, kneading and smooshing his face into my neck.
We stayed like that for fourteen hours. The migraine downgraded to a severe headache after midnight, and then we slept. Human and Cat, side by side, wore out by being the sick one and being the caretaker.

From now on when I hear people say that loving an animal is ridiculous, or that animals have no soul, I will always remember the night that Stumpy kept vigil. For that is how it felt to me. I was not alone for I had Stumpy to watch and care for me. (I was also told by hubby that JingleBelle stayed on the top step of the basement stairs most of the evening, leaving only a few times.)

So Thank you Stumpy, and JingleBelle too. You have more than earned the right to wake me for some emergency cuddles at three am. JingleBelle, you may refuse water because the boys drank first and left some hair (you still could bury your treasure in the litter box though). Stumpy; feel free to bite the treats in half leaving pieces on the floor, and you are forgiven for always placing your mug right in front of mine right as you sneeze. I will try harder to remember that you need a chair when I use the sewing machine, and get less annoyed at the grey hairs covering my work slacks.

You are worth your weight in gold, well...............actually you are priceless!


  1. I have my own familiar--Thunder. There is nothing like the love of a cat to get you through...

  2. Really sucks that you missed out on a date night! And some people say animals have no personality...

  3. Awwww. Kisses to the Stump-ster. What a good boy. You poor thing -- so sorry to hear that you went through that.


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