Monday, June 4, 2012

"Stranger Petting" is Bad!

On Facebook today I saw a question that read : "what is your horse's favorite treat?" I answered that I wish it was the fingers of the lady that was feeding our mare grass over the fence Saturday, as it would serve her right!!

What gives people the idea that it is okay to enter onto Private Property to pet and hand feed a horse? The nerve!! Never have I seen a person enter someone's backyard to pet and feed a cute puppy, so what is the deal?

Pippi's paddock is at least 50ft from the property line, and although the property is not fenced in, you can clearly see where it was mowed. But on Saturday when we came home from the mini show, there was an adult lady standing at the fence feeding Pippi grass. (Pippi was in the dry lot since we left early that day, and was about to be turned onto the grass field) I was livid, and Miranda decided to be the one to approach the lady as she thought she would handle it with less bloodshed. All that Viking blood coursing through my veins, begging me to pillage and dismember, can at times over ride my ability for polite exchanges. And she was right, I would have gone "berserk" in true Viking fashion.

I did however give the lady a look. You know the one; leave or face my wrath!! Miranda walked over, and told the lady that Pippi bites. She doesn't bite as a rule, (but I am considering training her to) but she could, as can all horses. The lady said "Oh, I thought you didn't want me to feed her." Oh really, you thought that did ya? Then why did you, you nincompoop!! When Miranda tried to explain that horses can be dangerous she acted as though she just could not believe that Pippi would ever hurt her! She was told to not approach our horses, and walked away, but not before giving me a smug look when Pippi did not come running when I called. Of course she didn't, she was being fed over there. Yes, Strange Lady of infinite equine wisdom and kindness, my horse likes you better than me! I am a horrible owner that would allow my horse to stand around in a dry lot all day (with access to plenty of water, and access to her own shady stall with hay).

Yesterday four "Private Property" signs went up, and I emailed the sign company today asking them to print horse specific signs that read "DO NOT FEED THE HORSES," "DO NOT APPROACH HORSES," and a picture of a person petting a horse with a large red X over it. I explained how this is an issue for horse owners everywhere, and that they might find some profit in selling those.


  1. HA! I know that look - my daughters call it the 'Evil Eye'!

  2. Yup. I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets annoyed by that behavior, although I did once have a woman approach my dog run in my back yard and try to pet my dogs through the fence while they were growling and barking at her. I was thinking one of the good things about my new house is that the horses won't be able to be seen from the street, so strangers will stop pulling over to pet and feed them. However, now that I know how many people use my back yard for recreational reasons, I no longer feel like my horses will be safe from that. Even horse people can be stupid about petting and feeding other people's horses. I had to stop one of my neighbors from giving my horses whole apples, and she was a horse owner herself. I knew of a horse that died choking on a whole apple.

  3. Happy birthday Emme!!! If we lived close we could celebrate with Margaritas:)

  4. Great Post..I keep my horse at a private livery yard and lately more and more people have been wandering around the yard, feeding and petting the horses. One girl in particular even came running up to my big, young 16.2 horse and stood right behind him while I was nursing a hug graze on this hind leg and said 'omg! That horse has got a massive cut on his leg'! I am getting annoyed as no one lives on the yard and the management haven't got a clue! Today I bought a laminator and I am going to make up some signs to stick on my two stables!!


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