Monday, March 5, 2012

Sawdust woes (Equine Fresh RULES!!)

Donna and Kevin are fantastic people, and as such they bought a load of sawdust last September (and paid more than double the price for it,) to benefit the Children's Miracle Network. The sawdust never arrived, which prompted us to try out pelleted stall bedding and Equine Fresh.
We have now used Equine Fresh,  since last fall, and have been so very happy with it. With the winter weather the barn has been closed up a lot, and the smell has been pleasant. Equine Fresh really does what it claims to do, and eliminates the ammonia smell. Our manure pile is a lot smaller, and it is so much easier to clean the stall every day. Plus who wants to have to strip it every week, or even more often with a mare in heat. With Equine Fresh, we were able to wait two months between each time we completely started over, and that was in winter when Pippi is in more. The bedding does not freeze, and it is just better all the way around. Better for us, and better for the environment.

BUT................the sawdust arrived.................
And so now we are using that until it runs out. No reason to waste it, and since it was paid for, we are using it. The barn now smells like, well, a barn. We are already talking about picking up some Lime, to spread lightly under the sawdust. I knew that we liked Equine Fresh, but now that we are back to sawdust I realize even more just how superior Equine Fresh is. And I can't wait until we run out of sawdust!!!

Being such believers in the Equine Fresh Pelleted Bedding, it made sense for Pippi to be their spokeshorse. What do you think?

(Feel free to send us some good will, and good wishes, as we are waiting to hear if Peter Leone picked Miranda and Pippi for his clinic at Equine Affaire. Tvi Tvi)


  1. Always nice to have that extra dash of confirmation that a product is as terrific as you think ;o)
    Hopefully, your girl will be chosen for the clinic. And with such a pretty face, how could they not??

  2. Fingers crossed for Miranda & Pippi!

  3. Well, at least the shavings did arrive since it was paid for. Maybe Google some creative ways to use sawdust? Besides bedding? LOL


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