Thursday, December 29, 2011

My review of Warhorse

I saw the move "WarHorse," and I really enjoyed it. Sure - it is not the best movie ever made, and it jumps about a bit, but overall it was very entertaining. I did cry of course, I mean I have a horse so emotional scenes with horses are made for me. Mu husband hated the movie, so you may need to be a horse enthusiast to truly enjoy it.

Joey, the TB in the movie was played by a OTTB that was bred in California. You can read more about him
I was lucky enough to get a Kindle Fire for Christmas, and after seeing the movie I decided that my first Kindle Book should be WarHorse. It is a short book, 18 chapters, and it differs from the movie quite a bit. I think I actually liked the humans better in the book, somehow they were more dimensional and their motivations were clearer. I love that the Germans in the book, and the movie, were portrayed as feeling suffering people, and not the devils we so many times see in WW movies.

Anyway; if you have not seen the movie, I would recommend seeing it in the theatre as the scenes are stunning (it is Spielberg after all), and I also recommend you read the book


  1. I've already read the book and plan on seeing the movie soon. I wonder how the story was changed? Erm- don't tell me. But why do they always do that??

  2. I loved the movie, too! And my husband liked it...but he is a true horse husband :)

    I was looking up the book on it a young adult book? When I read the summary I found, it sounds like it is written from the horses point of view. Either way, plan to find it and read.

    And you got a Kindle - so jealous!

  3. Kelly - it is a "Young Adult" book and written from the Horses' point of view. It makes the story more interesting since the horse is describing humans and their activities. You should buy yourself a New years present Kindle Fire, Kelly. Since it is an Amazon product the Kindle is personalized with book choices that fit your previous reading. Love it!!

    Fantastyk - I really wish they would have stayed closer to the book, but some parts would have been hard to show on film as there was less "action." The way Joey ran during the final battle could/should have been closer to the book however. Book made me cry too.

  4. I so have to read the book now lol. I liked the movie. My husband hated the beginning of it because it was a little . . . dumb lol. It's hard not to anthropomorphize in movies though and still get emotions across to the audience, so you do have to let go of reality a bit to enjoy it. I did like it though. :)


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