Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What a splendid hour!

Yesterday we had our first lesson, and it was a very educational hour. She is a splendid trainer, who explains the reasoning behind her requests so that you learn and see how each thing affects the equine partnership. I had a blast.

For some reason I was not nervous at all once we got there. There was another lesson going on, so I was able to get used to the teaching style before it was my turn. She is kind, firm and bossy; I like it!!
She has already tacked up two horses, Selena was being used in the lesson previous to ours, while Beau waited patiently. Came to find out that Beau isn't just patient, he is a bit on the lazy side. Miranda rode him, while I rode Selena.
This was a elementary riding for dummies lesson. Trainer felt that we should start as though this was our first lesson ever, and make sure that we did not have any gaps in our knowledge. VERY good idea. Miranda learned things too, even though all we did was walk/trot, and she was not bored.

Trainer made some very small adjustments to my legs, and Voila! my knee pain was solved. As a matter of fact I was able to climb the stairs at home last night without wincing. Now that was worth the cost of the lesson all by itself. She stated that I had ridden correctly if my inner thighs were sore today, and they are a little today, so I guess my form was correct.

Now a little funny:


  1. Sounds like a great lesson - also seems our new trainers have a lot in common with their style of teaching. Do you plan on more lessons with Kay?

  2. We are scheduled for lessons every two weeks for now. I can't wait to try out my newfound style on Pippi, but it just keeps raining!!!!!
    Kay would very much like to see Pippi come out every once in a while, and so would we. ;) She loves our little Paint, and feels that Miranda riding her during lessons would be better in the long term and for show season next year. Moving Pippi there is not an option as we finally have her close to home, and love being in charge of her ourselves. It is quite flattering to know that our little mare is held in such high esteem by a professional.

  3. So glad you had a funa nd learned a lot, AND did not experience the knee pain. I love Kay's approach -- think it makes a lot of sense. Also happy that Kay loves Pippi -- it's a very difficult thing if a trainer doesn't like your ride. However, I'd think it would be hard not to love Pippi ;)

  4. Yay for a fun and educational lesson! That's fantastic! Sounds like Kay is a good trainer. I look forward to reading about your future lessons.


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