Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I'll have Yule - My pretty!

Some people really like this time of year, and some people really don't like it at all. I am on of those that LOVE it!! I really love Yule, or Jul, as it is written in Norwegian. Thought I would share some pics of my Jul decorating and such.

The Dining room with the Jul tree, and Jul goat and the Advent candles.
a little Elf that plays a song and nods

Jul mice that I made last year

Miranda's handprint in the flour from making Gingerbread Cookies. Looks 3D, but it is actually an Imprint.

Jul scents
I purchased one of the very small red crockpots a few years ago, and use it only at Jul to fill our house with the scents of the season. In it I place two sliced oranges, some Cinnamon, Cloves and Ginger, one Bay leaf, and a healthy squirt of lemon juice. Fill to the top with water, set to low and enjoy the scent. Refill water as needed. (Every week I replace the oranges, sometimes I may add some spices if I feel like it. :)
I have a friend who is quite sensitive to potpourri, and scented candles, but this does not bother her at all.

Come to think of, assembling this in a little crock pot, sans water and lemon juice, might be a pretty great hostess or office gift.

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