Friday, October 21, 2011

Pamela AnderMare.

I like to think that there are a number of people waiting to see what gems I will put on my blog next. I like to think that, and so feel the need to apologise to all of you loyal readers (ahem) that have been waiting impatiently for the story I promised the other day; how Pippi acted trashy: (please don't point out that no one waited, I LIKE to think you did wait)

Since we went to QH Congress Friday, we did not go see Pippi that day. And so the next day we were excited to spend some quality time with her. When we got to the barn, Pippi was in the field with Annie and Flash. And Annie was acting a little edgy, or at least worked up. Seemes she didn't like sharing Pippi with Flash the gelding, and was trying to keep him away from them.
When we first moved Pippi to this facility I had told Barn Owner that Pippi does get some attention from geldings, and that they had been known to leave their humans at shows just to take a closer look at our little mare. We even nicknamed her "Pamela Andermare" due to the attention she would get. No horse had ever done anything but just want to be near her, smell her, stand close and just look at her. Nostrils flaring with a "uuuhhh, I want to do something, but I can't remember quite what it is" look in their gelding eyes.

We brought Pippi in. She had on her yellow Duck cloth jacket, since we are trying to keep her coat smooth until after the last show. I noticed some red marks on her side, and remarked to Daughter that it looked like blood. Her entire flank had small traces of blood. We checked her all over as the Barn Owner arrived, and remarked to her that Pippi had blood on her jacket. Barn Owner looked at this and the general rubs of dirt on the jacket, got a funny look on her face, and said "well, I'll be damned."

Seems Flash had a small cut on the inside left ankle.

Wonder how that could have gotten on Pippi's side?

Well we didn't wonder any more, and Annie's behavior started to make a whole lot of sense. Poor Annie had no idea what those trashy teenagers were going to get into out there in the field, and she being just a little 4 year old was probably gobsmacked!!
I was Gobsmacked to, my little girl was a ...............Oh I can't even say it!!  Barn Owner said Flash was gelded at 8 months, he is now 8 years old, and until Pamela Andermare came around he had never been interested in any mare, in heat or not. Pippi was not in heat when they went out together, but she was when she came back in!!

A friend says Geldings can't help themselves; there is an arrow pointing the way!!


  1. I have to look at Riva from the back tonight - but I am betting her tail looks exactly like Pippi's!

  2. LOL!! This story was totally worth the wait. Sorry it took me so long to read it. I love the "don't remember what to do look in their gelding eyes"! Too funny!


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