Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bling Bling!!

We were able to go check out the All American Quarter Horse Congress last Friday, and boy did we have a good time. They reportedly had over 750 vendors there, and after being there I can say that number is quite possible. Everything even remotely horse related was being sold, and we were in heaven. Loved the Equine Affaire this spring, due to the shows and the number of horse breeds present. At Congress there are just QH's and quite frankly I see those every day. We were there for the shopping!!!

It was Daughter's BDay,(20, what?)  and she was ready to spend her BDay money. All day I saw women wearing these really flattering jeans, blingy jeans, and I saw them for sale all over the convention. I am 41, so I was not sure whether they were for me. Although the women I saw were every age imaginable, and they looked hot. Towards the end of the day I had convinced myself to at least try on a pair. My Husband, whom I texted for back up told me "you will rock 'em Mama!" So off we went looking for a blingy pair!

I am cheap!! And not really all that into fashion, but when I like something I like it a lot. I am tall (long legged) and slender (used to be a beanpole), with hardly any hips. Jeans have always been an issue. Basically I would buy any pair that was long enough, whether they really fit at the waist or not. I figured there were belts for that. During the last few years a lot of my clothing, and all my jeans were actually bought at Goodwill. I started going there to buy barn clothes; sweatshirts, jackets, sweaters, etc. that I wouldn't mind ruining in the barn, and found that they have brand new clothing. Being cheap, I did mention that earlier, I was quite happy to spend under $4 for a pair of jeans.

Okay, so there we were at Congress looking at blingy jeans. Daughter was all for it, and stated that it would not embarrass her. Oh Good - that was my main concern!! (not) We went to Rod's, and a cute petite salesgirl came up to help me. I think I looked lost. She asked my size, and was confused when I said I didn't really know. She pegged me at a 30/36. Okay. Off to the dressing room I went. There was a long line of women of all ages holding pairs of blingy jeans. There was a sale; buy two pair of "Rock n'Roll Cowgirl", get one free. I was really nervous, and was talking to Daughter about whether these jeans were for me, when a fella told me that it "wasn't the age of the bootie, it was the size of said bootie, that determined whether a woman should wear them jeans." Okay -I totally ate that up!!

I pulled the jeans up, and wow, they were great. Who knew jeans could fit like that? They hugged every curve, the lenght was perfect, the waist tapered to fit and they just looked fantastic. I even liked the bling. Oh heck yeah, I had to get them!! I had a bootie in these jeans. "Olive Oil" grew a butt, it was a miracle. I bought two, and Daughter was able to get the free pair.

So there you go. Mama has gone Cougar. Well, you know I always said that I would rather dress ridiculously young than go Fuddy Duddy. Guess I am living up to that statement after all. I do love these jeans. They make me feel HOT, and my hubby loved them. I'm a Rock N' Roll Cowgirl!! The price was something else. To put it in horse terms; you could feed good alfalfa for a month for a pair of these jeans. But I love them enough to do it anyway.


  1. You are only as old as you feel, right? I love bling,,,belts, jewelry, shirts. My daughters don't seem embarrassed - and believe me, they would tell me if they were :)

  2. Awesome congrats on the new jeans! I'm ridiculously tall and thin enough that I never could find jeans that were long enough and in a size small enough in the waist, so I feel your pain. Isn't it amazing when you finally find a pair that fits? It's like the perfect saddle or helmet lol. I'm glad you found something that looks good and feels good. :)


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