Monday, October 10, 2011

Doesn't make cents!

Pippi is moving. Oh I know, I might as well put "again" at the end of that sentence right? So crazy. At least this time we are moving under good circumstances, and we leave behind no hurt feelings, no ruined friendships and with just positive things to say. So that's a change from last time.
The facility where we are now, has a red clay arena, so with fall coming that became useless. We had been allowed to ride in the grass around the beautiful pond, but the pond owners new GF put a stop to that, so we were left with only trail riding. Not the best training grounds for a Hunter/Jumper.
We looked around for a better facility, and dreamed of going to an indoor arena again. But here is the thing; I am not made of money!!!

Have you ever noticed how horse people tend to pretend that money is not an object when it comes to their horses? They talk as though they have an endless supply of cash, and that funds would never be a consideration when it comes to getting the best for their equines. They buy new saddles all the time, spend lots of cash on supplements, turnout sheets, bridles, and speak of everything with brand names. I buy used tack, go to tack auctions, buy used sheets (just got a duck cloth one that was spotless for $30) and try to coordinate farrier and vet calls to save on the trip fees.
Now, misunderstand me correctly: I would never skimp on feed, hay, medical care, farrying, etc, but I can not afford to board Pippi just anywhere. Paying top price for boarding is just not something I am willing to do, since it would seriously impact out families finances. I just can't, and will not, justify that. Our house needs repairs, we have one child in college, another one going to college in two years, car insurance (teenage boy), cell phones, etc. And although my main passion is Pippi, I can't throw 1/3 of my paycheck at her. It just doesn't make any "cents."

So, fortunatly for us, we know some really great people. They live in our neighborhood, have about 10 mini horses, and one stall big enough to accommodate a Pippi. No indoor arena, but decent turnout on grass, and large grass areas for riding. Pippi will have her own run that she can go out into at will, and we can skip down to see her anytime we want. No more driving for twenty five minutes, no more mileage on Daughters car (please let it last through college), and no more time wasted traveling back and forth.
I couldn't be happier, and more relieved.
 Ever laid awake at night and wondered if you are nuts calculating how much you spend on your hobby? I don't recommend it.


  1. I might not be the best person to comment - I am looking into a County saddle for my girl right now! Mainly because of her muscling imbalances that will always exist, according to our vet.

    I certainly understand where you are coming from - I try and weigh what I can let slide and what I feel I need to spend top $$$ on when it comes to the horses.

  2. No don't ever add it all up! You'll have a heart attack lol. :)

    I'm glad you found a nice place for her that is so much closer. That will be so nice.

    Also regarding your comment on my latest post about Chrome, I actually knew what you meant by that heheh. :D Chrome will work until he falls over dead for treats. He will do anything for them. He rarely gets bored with training (unless it's without clicker/treats) so I have to make sure not to let sessions go on too long. I really think a big part of the problem is that it was hot today and he'd been playing hard with the donkey. I think he just wasn't into it today. Bad timing on my part.

    I'm not "teaching" the behaviors wrong with clicker training, I'm just not "finishing" them. I get lazy and don't want to do the tedious fading of the clicker and treats, or like Mango Momma said I may be fading the clicker/treats too soon.

    That's the sad part is I know what I need to do, I just don't like that part of it lol. I just need to buckle down and review all of our old work (yawn - I do the same thing with my dog hehe). I guess I was more asking for specifics on how to fade them correctly. I might have to find a forum or email list specifically for clicker training so I can get some feedback.

    I don't think he's forgetting what he's learned because he did it perfectly when I got the clicker out. I just think he didn't feel like doing it today and because I've never faded it he doesn't know that he has to do it anyway. I just let the whole thing bother me too much. Now that I've sat and thought about it I know he wasn't being ugly or anything. And he is only two. He's gonna have good and bad days. I just need to stop doubting myself when we have the bad days. :)

    Sorry for the novel of a comment. I appreciate your comments and was really appreciate you reminding me not to kick myself too hard. I can be very hard on myself and you reminded me that this is supposed to be fun! Thank you!


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