Thursday, June 10, 2010

Zip it!

I am an avid fan of the RHNY. If you don't know what that means, stop reading now, and come back tomorrow for a topic that might actually interest you.

Kelly Bensimon fascinates me, and I have become quite adept at impersonating her. "Honestly Reader, Honestly.......this is what people hate about me, I can't stand all the feelings. It's like white noise." " What is this? 1979 - free to be you and me?" That woman is a treasure. She wears shirts as dresses, runs in Manhattan traffic like a freaked deer,has lockjaw I think, and yells "Al Sharpton" over and over and laughs like an 85 year old smoker for no apparent reason. She has two children, but can't make pancakes. At least I can do that. I don't, but I could is the point!

Like I so often say; If I can't laugh at other people, who am I to laugh at?

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