Monday, June 14, 2010

Fam time.

I love Sundays. Especially the Sundays that we spend together as a family. At our house it is an unspoken rule, I guess, that we all try to keep Sundays open and spend them together. Even the kids like to keep to the house on Sundays. The come home at eleven from sleepovers, and the rest of the day is laid back and relaxed.
Our daughter told me yesterday that she just loves being "with the fam." And for a moment my life was bliss. Because who does not want to hear from their child that they are happy to be home, and to be with the family? I hear other moms complaining about how their kids are never home, and about how their kids sulk and grump about when made to be with the family.
I hope that we will all get together often after the kids move out. I am sure we will.

I am also sure that I will be the one stuck with the clean up after all the family fun times. They love being with the fam until the dishes need to be done. Or until laundry needs folded. Then they scatter to parts unknown. So here is a bit of advice to new mothers: if the house ever gets too loud and the teens too energetic, and you just want a few minutes to yourself, yell out "can someone help me ___________(fill in the blank) please?" It will be a ghostly quiet, and not a soul will be anywhere near you. You are guaranteed at least 10 minutes of quiet. If they start creeping out from their hiding places, grumble a lot and loudly, and they will scatter again.


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