Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Last Thing This Year

So I was thinking about this last year, and the possibilities of the next one which will start shortly. I hope I spend next year much like the last one, and when thinking that it makes me realize that outside of the job which I despise, my life is pretty good.
That being said; I want to dance more, sing more, and create more. I want to be more daring, more fun, just more more more. In life it is too easy to be less and do less, and I want more. There is no reason why I can't eat the cake, and have it too, 'cause I know how to bake. I hope to run far out on that limb, shake the whole god-damned tree, and jump before it breaks.
Others talk of losing weight, learning another language, and giving back. All well and good, but for me 2010 is all about finding my stride and accepting my crazy!

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