Thursday, December 31, 2009

Why would I Blog?

A while back I left yet another silly message on my besties voicemail. These messages are for the most part extremely dumb, but I like to think of them as smart, thought provoking, funny and/or interesting. Most times they are just random things that I demand that someone listen to, and so I bombard my bestie with them. The reason she is my bestie is of course because she actually makes me feel as though these random thoughts and inspirations are brilliant. If she was a truly a bestie she would have said, long ago, that it is in fact annoying and that I am not half as brilliant as I think I am, but then she would no longer be my bestie. Let's not tell her this, as it would save her from a lot of disruptions, but leave me bestie-less.
My thought on this day was: If you had to pick between stupid and crazy, what would you pick? I pick Crazy! There is a pill for that.

A pill someone ought to prescribe me probably, but the truly crazy believe themselves to be sane. see the problem.

I just realized that I never answered the question, not really unusual for me to get lost on a tangent. The reason I would is because my brain seems to only function when expressed. So there! That is why!

HAPPY NEW YEAR by the way.

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