Wednesday, March 30, 2016

My most valuable asset - Time!

Do you know what is equal for all things on earth? We all get 24 hours per day! Rich or poor, short or tall, punctual or late; 24 hours per day. I have no idea just how many of those 24 hour days I will get in my lifetime, and a large percentage of that time will be spent in pursuits I may not very much enjoy. 40 Hours per week I will be behind a desk, earning my living for the hours I can spend at my leasure. Let's call that portion "my life."

Here is my work week breakdown of "my life" when I am not working, driving to and from work or sleeping:

                          Monday-        6.5 hours of my life
Tuesday -       6.5
Wednesday -  6.5
 Thursday-     6.5
Friday-           6.5
Total:           32.5

I will defend "my life" from any encroachment on any level. As I age I find myself more and more annoyed at anything that wastes my time or energy. My kids are grown, and I relish in having this time to spend not beholden to anyone. That being said I very much enjoy spending my time with friends and loved ones, and I value and cherish the time they spend with me. Making sure I am available and punctual is very important to me, out of respect for them, and I ask the same back. 

Since I have had some early losses in my life, I am extra sensitive to the passage of time and the value of it. We have no idea how much sand is left in our hour glasses and so it is imperative to use it wisely. Don't waste your sand on pursuits you don't enjoy, or on things that waste your hours. And most importantly don't allow anyone else to steal your time. They have their own 24 hours, let them throw their own portion away. 

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  1. Well stated! The older I get, the more I realize the importance of time well spent.


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