Monday, February 1, 2016

Diagonal Advanced Placement (DAP)- Desireable trait or Gait Fault?

A video by Barbara Schulte has been making the rounds showing stills from the Dressage Breeding stallions at the trot, and showing clearly a One Legged Trot. Here is the video: has a long, but very worthwhile, article explaining the gait and its possible consequences for the movement and the discipline of dressage: "DAP for Beginners:Where to Land" 

After reading and watching and thinking about it; no wonder my little Paint mare looks so different at the trot than these horses. Here is a Picture of Pippi mid stride: 

I would never compare Pippi to a Dressage Stallion, but the thing is; if the dressage ideal (thereby what the judges look for) is set after a gait that is not a two beat trot, I feel better about falling short of that ideal. It's not just that they are built different, and have more lift, they are landing on one leg! In other words; we are not at fault! Carry on Non-Traditional, yet traditional trotting, breeds, Carry ON! 


  1. What an interesting video and very good point! I show a quarter horse and it can be very frustrating when you're compared to warmbloods all the time :D

    1. I am quite tired of hearing the term "uphill movement," as its incredibly misleading. Wish the term was "balanced movement" or "follow through." It will never be a goal of mine to have my Quarter Paint mare move in an uphill movement. My goal is for her to use her body in an economical, balanced and harmonious fashion. And I'll leave the uphill to those built that way, or I suppose the One legged trotters.


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