Monday, February 15, 2016

17.5 Verhan Maximum & 16.5 Keiffer Munchen saddles for sale.

I am selling the Verhan Maximum Saddle that I love so much! As I am long legged on a short barreled horse, this saddle, as awesome as it is, is just not a good fit. For someone with horse all the way to their heel this is a great saddle. But since I have to draw up my leg to get my heel on Pippi it just doesn't work. The excellent thigh block which keeps me in perfect position at all times, makes it hard to get out of position to reach my horse, if that makes sense.

I have used the saddle for less than a year, and taken excellent care of it.
Here are a few pics:

Verhan Maximum 17.5 inch Dressage

Soft and awesome thing blocks to keep you in perfect position. 

5" +, it fit my wide Paint mare just fine, and she takes a WM+

Maroon Accent Piping
Action shot :)

I was fortunate to find a Niedersuss saddle, and hope to recoup my purchase of this saddle . ( and go see my family back home yay!) If you want more pics or video please let me know.

I am asking $2,500. (don't be afraid to make reasonable offers). If you are not interested please share the info with others. Thank you!


Kieffer Munchen 16.5 Dressage saddle

I also have my first saddle for sale. It is a 16.5 Kieffer Munchen, with a medium tree. Best suited for narrow withers. I am asking $400 OBO

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