Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Whoa- that's a lot of money!

2016 is supposed to be a banner year for Pippi and I as we head into our first full show season, and I am very excited. Well, I was very excited! Until I started to add up the costs of getting us fully registered.
Here is the break down:

USEF for rider: $55
USEF for Horse: $200 (lifetime) or $75 (annual)

USDF for rider: $75
USDF for Horse: $95

and the local club: $45 (the only fee I find super reasonable since they actual put on a show for me) 

So that is a total of $470.00!!

And keep in mind that I would like to renew our APHA Registration and PAC points as well, which from what I gather would be another $80.

These fees from USEF and USDF are pretty steep, and not very Amateur friendly at all, but it turns out they are Professional, in that Pro riders pay the same fees! And that is when my hackles rose a bit. As an amateur I have to pay those fees personally, and can not have a sponsor to help offset fees like these. Does that seem fair then that I pay the same?

 And let's break it down further, are all pros the same? There are pros who spend all their time riding, training and living horses, and then there are the pros that give a few lessons to offset the cost of riding and are now in the same category as a Laura Graves and Steffen Peters.

Simple question: should I, the Training level rider,first time at the shows, pay the same registrations fees as Steffen Peters? What say you Ammies?

I could register for the show season? ;) 


  1. Check out Sprinkler Bandits post from Jan. 20th 'Chasing Bronze' - she outlined how to get the membership cost down a bit if you are not interested in qualifying for USDF Regional Championships or Finals.

    I agree the costs are high and would be great to have AA vs Pro cost - we learned when Lex was a working student, if she was to take money to ride for a client, she would have to claim pro status.

  2. Thank you Kelly. I will check that out! And there seems to be no distinctions at all, and I find that baffling and not very supportive of the core of riders, the amateurs!

  3. Hi Malin! Just found your blog. :-) As my post shows, if you're not trying to qualify for regionals or national-level awards, you can just get the free horse ID number from USEF and completely eliminate that expense. You can also pay the $25 USDF horse fee and if you're not going to regionals, your GMO membership is sufficient to attend rated shows. Still a good chunk of change, but far less than $470.

  4. Thank you! So with that I can work towards future medals right?


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