Monday, January 18, 2016

The Snaffle Squad!

"I had an idea" is a statement friends of mine hear a lot. I mean a lot! Most of my ideas are crap, or completely ridiculous, but that never stops me. There is no fear of hating my ideas as I will just have another in about three seconds.
This time the idea was a Facebook page with links to dressage blogs written by every day, amateur riders. Kind of a clearing house for bloggers to get exposure and share their lives, lessons learned and a way to connect with each other. There will not be any editorial oversight, so bloggers are free to write about whatever they wish (Dressage related of course), whenever they wish, and the content will remain theirs. On the Facebook page will just be a snippet of the blog, and a link to the individual host site.
As I want the page to be positive and empowering I decided to call it "The Snaffle Squad." The snaffle being the one bit that unites all dressage riders. I hope we can create a unity and a sense of community for Dressage riders. Share our successes, our lows, our lessons learned, cheer each other and hopefully share a chuckle or two. Thank you Paul for the great cover art - it turned out better than I even dreamed!
I hope you follow along.... Welcome to The Snaffle Squad!

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