Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pippi saves the Day

Miranda came with me to the barn last night. She has been really busy, and so she has not accompanied me for a while. She did come and watch one of my sessions at the clinic I attended, and she told me she was "proud of me." Which was my favorite compliment of course. Miranda is a great rider, and I get to say that because she is my daughter, and plus she is just great all the way around.

So off to the barn we went. It had been a really bad day for us, and so some Equine therapy was just what we needed. I rode first, and was able to keep Pippi cantering for more than a circle. I figured out that when I drop my eyes, Pippi slows to a trot, so that was a huge break through. She was throwing her head a bit, and I wondered if she was just energetic knowing Miranda was there. Miranda thought it was because I bounce my hands too much.
Then Miranda mounted up, and Pippi turned into Professional Show Horse. She was on the bit, nice and rounded through her back, and her trot was amazing. So steady and flowy it could bring a tear to your eye, which was probably just the dust from the arena, ahem. Pipi did not throw head, so I was wrong about that. Good to know. A great rider sure makes a huge difference. Pippi cantered smoothly, a bit too fast, but not the hand gallop that I tend to get. They rode for about half an hour, and I learned so much by just watching. Steady hands, soft yet insistent, eyes up, follow motion, and relax.

 After a horrible day Miranda smiled, and all was right with the world. Thank you Pippi............for ......everything...........

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