Monday, March 11, 2013

Snotty McSnottsnott

I have the mother of all colds. It just keeps coming back. I think I am over it, and then my sinuses fill, headache ensues, body aches follow and the drainage makes me super queasy. Sleep evades me, and I get a terrible case of the grumps.
Yesterday was a beautiful spring day, with temps in the 70's. I felt great, went for a walk with a friend, and did some minor things outside. Then in the afternoon, YUCK!!! All evening I felt horrible, and ended up laying in bed hoping I would not need a bucket. Today I am at work, hoping the same thing.....

On Saturday March 2nd a new horse moved into the stall next to Pippi. When I arrived on Monday, she was giving me the look. If you have a mare you know this look. The Satan has taken my sweet mare look. Ears look like horns, and nostrils flaring. I took one look at her, and said "so, it's a gelding huh?" Peeked next door, and yep, there he was, the creature that took Pippis' sanity and replaced it with a mare in heat. He was tied up in his stall, which told me that this fella was in need of some patience training. When I walked Pippi out, he let up quite a racket, kicking, pawing, and yelling loudly. I think it was something like "Don't take the girl!! I love her." This continued the entire time she was with me. Poor fella. Pippi took it all in stride and we had a decent ride.

On Wednesday I was sick and spent the day in bed, only to get THE Text message from Denise. Pippi was hurt, nothing serious, but I may want to bring some Bute. When she heard I had the flu, Denise banned me from coming out and assured me that Pippi was fine. She had had a moment of mare crazy out in the field, by herself mind you, on Tuesday, and they had noticed some swelling on her right hind fetlock. Nothing major, just seemed to favor it a bit, but was putting weight on it. Seems her sliding stops, and general shenanigans caused some discomfort. But what is a mare to do when her BadAss Boyfriend calls to her from inside. They would give her some Bute paste, and keep me informed. If I could have made it to my car without passing out, and had any chance on moving without throwing up I would have. (I tried, and made it to bathroom before considering just sleeping there. Even went as far as looking at the towels for warmth, before staggering back to bed, get it)
Son on Thursday I dragged my butt to work, and felt better. Stopped by barn on my way home with w new tube of Bute to replace Denise's and was able to check on Pip. She had some swelling, nothing too severe, and they had given her Bute that morning too as she was a little stocked up. We decided to keep that up for a few more days. I hand walked her, and she was fine. She allowed me to palpate the leg, and I even cleaned out the hoof. She had been out walking in the arena earlier that day, which seemed to reduce swelling. Not really lame, just swollen. I stopped by again Friday, and she was better. I put on some topical liniment, and she was less hesitant to let me handle it. Not lame at all that day either.
On Saturday, with the promise of getting some dinner, Hubby went with me for the first time to the new barn, and Pippi seemed even better. Still a bit swollen, and again I put liniment on. Hubby loved the new barn, really liked Claude, and felt that I "had finally found the right barn."
I was to have a lesson today, but i postponed it. Will be going out after work, but I doubt I will mount up. We have nothing my time, Pippi and I, and so we can wait until she is better.

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