Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Working on patience

It has now been over TWO MONTHS since Pippi bowed that tendon, and I am going a bit mental. Wanting to ride her is taking over my every thought, and I can't help but think that Kharma is trying hard to teach me some patience. Good luck with that, Kharma. Blech

So.........I have been keeping busy with ground exercises, and we are now even trotting a few circles once a week. With no increased swelling, well, no more than just the walking. Things are getting better, I am convinced of that, and we will get there. At this point it is important that we start moving a bit more, so that the tendon will heal without becoming tight and rigid. That of course is the reason they heal so slow, along with the lack of blood flow, because we are healing something that has to inherently stretch and bend. Pippi's leg is still wrapped, and when removed her leg looks perfect. Then after some "exercise" the swelling comes back. All normal I hear. the good news is that the swelling is different now, less and smaller if that makes sense.

I could mount up for some limited walking, but I have decided to wait. Until Yule, and then I will take a quick ride as a gift to myself (as long as I my instincts agree at that time.) If you are wondering if perhaps I am being too conservative, the answer is a resounding "HELL YEAH!!" I feel strongly that patience and care now will produce better results in the long run, and that it can't hurt. Meanwhile Pippi and I are building a relationship between just the two of us. No stress, just her and I working on things together. I want a willing compliant partner, and with the lack of deadlines, shows and pressure Pippi seems to be settling nicely this being her first time in almost four years of not being in high gear training mode. Might be a blessing in the long run. A nice break as she transitions from Miranda's competition horse, to Mom's hobby horse. I do intend to learn and grow as an equestrian, hence my lessons, and we may even compete, but it will be at a more leasurely pace and with less pressure on Pippi. Which I think will fit Pippi's nervous nilly tendencies better. ( I say that until Pippi allows me to fly over a jump without her. LOL)

Here is a pic of my latest 2-Point Bling Design. I am quite proud of it, and hope to make some ornaments with custom lettering out of it. Of course I can sew it on whatever the customer would want.

I am busy with several logos and have some work going on. Do wish I had more though.....

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