Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Free-Lunging Fool.

Mondays are my LOOOONG days. Work all day, lesson, then a 40 minute drive to see Pippi for an hour, then grocery store, home and all the chores there, plus I also had some sewing to do. This is why the barn and Pippi brings me such joy - the quiet!! Aaaahhhhh
Pippi and I have been working on "parking." My goal has been to get Pippi more compliant, but in a quiet way. Just sort of giving, not being forced, or feeling forced. So we are Parking. I give her the "whoa" command, then touch her on her bridle path and tell her "parked." And then I walk away repeating "whoa" whenever I sense she is thinking about moving. At this point I have left her in the arena, and walked out, into the tack room to put away items and pick up a treat, and she stayed parked until I came back. No ground tie, just halter.
So last night I stepped it up. "Parked" her and ran like a mad woman all around her, waving my arms, speaking loudly. I even ran over the "trail bridge" making a ruckus and she still stood parked. She turned her head and looked at me, but never moved a muscle. I even jogged towards her, stopped on bridge right beside her and she stood still. What a great horse!!

Then it occurred to me...............did I just teach her to "park" or did she just finally get me to "free-Lunge?" Makes you wonder.........

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