Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Limbkicks" stole all my time

Our son used to call the Olympics "Limbkicks" when he was a little fella and it stuck, so at our house that is what we call it. And boy are we all about the "Limbkicks" right now. 24/7 all about watching every sport they will feature and cheering for every Yankee and Weedgie that brings home a medal. Loving it too.

Other than that we are in high gear with "2-Point Bling," and I thought I would show you some items that I made:

My good friend (great friend) is throwing a Barn Party to launch my business and I am super stressed but excited. It will be on the 18th, so I have a bit of time to get ready. Hoping for more Barn Parties going forward.
 Meanwhile I am creating shirts for a local Wrecker (Tow trucks) for the owner and his four man crew. They are black polo's with the company name in electric blue. Just like his trucks.

Pippi is doing good. She has some feet issues, nothing major, some cracks and the farrier is coming soon. (I Hope). So we are not riding until she gets looked at, Not lame or anything, we are just being too careful as usual. Meanwhile, since she seems a bit bored and is acting like a moody Diva, Miranda and I took her for a walk. We have Pippi in our neighborhood, and so she walked down the street like some giant canine. Snorting and super excited to see something different. After pulling on Miranda quite a bit, and being reprimanded for forgetting about the human holding the lead line, she settled in although walked with quite some forward momentum. Long fast strides. She seems to love the excitement of just getting out and about, so there will be more neighborhood walks I am sure. I wondered aloud to Miranda about what we would do should she decide to lighten the load while on our walk. The poopy-scooper bags that dog owners use probably would not cut it huh?


  1. LOL. The neighbors should be thankful for the free fertilizer. When I first read "Limbkicks", I thought your son watched a lot of gymnastics during the Olympics, then I realized he was just leaving off the O. We have a lot of words our kids invented that have stuck too. "Mongee" for monkey is one. People in zoos think we are idiots. Ha ha.

  2. Much success on the barn party - sending good stress-less thoughts your way!

    Pippi looks super shiny & cute in that first pic! And the girl is kinda cute too :)


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