Monday, May 21, 2012


What a great weekend it was. The weather was just super, and just proves that no one ever needs it to be more than  83 F. Just perfect with blue skies and sunshine.

I did not ride Saturday as the barn were in heavy preparations for the Mini Horse Show on Sunday. I had planned to go to that show, but ended up not going. My insomnia is driving me crazy, and I need any morning I can find to sleep in. Watching the clock tick until way after 1am is getting really old, and then waking up at 6am is making me feel really old. So on Sunday I snoozed till after nine, and had a great day working with my new Embroidery machine, and getting some walks in. Feel bad though, but I did help get things ready!! (still feel bad)

But on Friday I cantered Pippi on a lunge line! I had cantered Pippi on trail rides a few times (few!!), and it felt really fast at the time. I had not cantered her in an arena, thinking it would be too little space for me to get control over everything, and I had this fear that Pippi would just jump the fence if i did not turn in time. I mean, she IS A JUMPER!!! So after trotting for a while we put her on the lunge line, and off I went.
Cantering Selena feels like changing the rhythm and adding a bit of speed. Not enough speed to make it scary, just a tad. Kind of like going from rolling your bike, to pedaling your bike. Not big whoop, just a different movement.

Well.................... Pippi is a bit sticky at the trot (Miranda disagrees, so this might just be with me) and so I assumed we would have a slow start to the canter as well. I WAS WRONG!! Holy jetplane with super sonic boosters, and a hair trigger gas pedal. Did someone forget to tell this mare that she is a Paint? Hey, Pippi, no need for race track flashbacks, you never raced remember? No TB blood in you, so slow the hell down!! I felt as though I was about to fly right out of the saddle, and sail though the air in a great big arc before slamming into the ground. That did not happen, I was able to hold on, but slowed to a trot as soon as I could gather my wits (and find my bouncing rear.) Okay then, deep breaths, and we tried it again.
All in all we cantered four times, and the third and the fourth I was having moments of smooth riding (while trying to breath). It was a great beginning, and as I was getting a bit worked up, I decided to end on a good note.
Miranda then showed off by doing a perfect canter, bareback, on the lunge line with both hands on her head. Yeah, well, I can do cool stuff too............ like sew really pretty embroidery on my riding breeches. So there - in your face!!


  1. Congrats on the canter, thats awesome :)

  2. So excited for you! Great job :)
    I am terribly behind on my blog posting - but my goal last week was to canter Riva every ride...and we met our goal! Those young girls just love to show us up, don't they?


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