Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Anyone know a good electrician? I do!

I knew it had been a while since I last blogged, but a whole month? Where did the time go?
Ever just not feel like blogging? Life just doesn't seem interesting enough to write about sometimes. But then again it is not as though all of a sudden my life became fascinating, yet here I am writing again. If a was a professional I could have blamed it on writers block.


Pippi had a complete melt down at the last show. It is a long story; here it goes:

Pippi and Daughter did the flat class for the 18" division, and all went well. Did not place, but no incidents. Then it was time to do the jumper class, and Pippi entered the arena at High alert. And then refused to go anywhere near the left side of the arena. She hopped, she bucked a bit, but was quite adament that there was no way she was going down that side. After fighting her a bit, Daughter wisely left arena, only to try again for the next class with much the same result. It was a WTF? moment. I walked down the side of the arena (it is an indoor) where Pippi did not wish to go, and she came a bit closer. This is a schooling show, so all were being lenient as we fought with Pippi. Daughter got her closer step by step, but Pippi finally spun around quickly leaving Daughter (to Pippi"s surprise) on the ground. Pippi actually stopped and neighed at her, as though to say "get out of there!!!!" As I turned to leave the arena to go find Horse and Daughter outside, I saw that behind me was the electrical box with the cover open, and duct tape and a general mess. In the outlet underneath was a plug that belonged to the Concession stand.
This made me think:
Last year at a show Pippi simply refused to go anywhere near one of the jumps by the arena fence, and nothing was going to get her there. NOTHING! It was the night before the show actually, and she was clearly bothered by something at that spot. There were other horses there, but none of them had a problem with that spot. We chucked it up to "just another Pippi thing," and was quite frankly irritated by her nervousness and testiness. Later that evening the "Show Lady" decided to turn on the arena lights, and went to the pole that housed the switch. As she flipped it on she experienced a shock, enough for her to yell out and pull back abruptly. That pole was right outside the arena at the spot that Pippi had refused to go earlier.

Remembering this incident, I told our friends about it as we are discussing what to do by our trailer at the show this year. As I theorized that Pippi was once again scared by electrical surges, my friend said "did you hear that?" They had just announced that it would take a while for the lights to come back on, because those kinds of lights had to get cool before they would could light again. The POWER HAD GONE OFF!!! A breaker had tripped due to the extra power being used by the concession stand. I wondered aloud why Pippi had not shown any fear for the flat class, when my friend stated that they had only used half the string of lights then but had flipped them all on for the jumping. They now only had half on again.

This still makes my hair stand on end. Pippi is hyper sensitive, and it certainly can be a challenge, but it is also a great gift. She never intended to throw Daughter, as Trainer pointed out, she was just looking out for her own safety. As perplexed by her behavior as we were, can you imagine how irritated she was by ours?

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