Monday, July 25, 2011

Norway's Black Friday

Being Norwegian this last weekend was a tough one, as you can well imagine. The murders committed are unparalleled in Norwegian history, and has shocked Norway and indeed the entire world.
But Norway chooses to show strong leadership, tolerance and indeed love in the aftermath of such a tragedy. Below is a picture from today's Roseparade in honor of the victims of Friday's tragedy:

Norwegians have chosen to not fold to the demands of a madman, but instead stand strong. In the words of our Prime Minister: "the answer to violence is more democracy, more openness." In the words of one Utoya survivor: "If one man can create that much hate, you can only imagine how much love we as a togetherness can create."
This attitude may seem naive to some, but Norwegians feel strongly that fairness and solidarity is worth working for. I remember an incident a few years ago when a supervisor told me that "the world isn't fair" and I responded "that may be true, but I was not aware that we had quit working towards it."

We were at a show this weekend. Pippi and Daughter did great, and I will tell you more about that another day. As it pales in comparison............

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