Thursday, October 10, 2013

Just cause you can't see it.......

does NOT mean it aint there!

Hey, its me, Pippi. I figure its about time you hear from me. You know, the horses perspective. But in reality I am just so ticked off about what happened when my human came out to the barn Monday night. I really had thought that we had come further in our quest for mutual understanding and respect. Guess I was wrong!

First off, there is a new mare in the barn.
That's her behind me, the Dumbass!!
A young, dumb, disrespectful little thing. I tell you what, she better not start any crap with me. I may look sweet, but I'm not putting up with any shenanigans. She already tried to kick out at the feed Human, and that is just plain stooopid. They took her in the arena after that, and although she looked fine when she came back, she sure was singing a different tune. I heard they tortured her with a shopping bag!!! Yikes! My four will be on the ground at all times. Plus, who kicks the one that feeds ya? Dumbass!!

So anyways, after they returned her my human came and let me out of my room. I was happy to see the bearer of snacks and treats, the Goddess of Yummies, but I also knew this meant I was to work. Plus that talking human that stands in the arena for some of our rides was there, and I know that means extra work for me. I don't dislike her, because she has helped it get easier to lug my Human about, but she sure makes me work hard. And my Human breathes so much harder with her there. Its annoying.
We were trotting around the arena when an enormous monster showed up in the corner behind the gates that are stacked there.
Is it still there?
It startled the heck out of me. I mean, I jumped, and froze, and then I just ducked sideways. Every creature for themselves. I am no hero folks! Since a Human can open all doors and manages to handle those big square travel monsters, I am thinking they can handle an arena monster right? WRONG!!
Who stays where there are monsters? Really!
Apparently they expect me not to startle at that sort of thing. Come again? Oh really, you leave me down here on the ground, climb safely up on me, and still expect me to stay and fight off monsters? Yeah, I don't think so! How about I climb on your back, and then you handle it, okay?

They acted like I was craycray! Like there was no monster at all! Like I was seeing things. Yeah, I did see things; a freakin' monster!! I really can not tell you how upsetting it was to be made to stand there, and then forced to walk close to the monster over and over again. I kept telling them it was there, staring right at it, but I guess I am crazy! I'm the crazy one?
Ever see those movies where the house says "Get out!" in a real menacing tone. I guess my human would be one of the ones to stay in a house like that, Not me, I am sooooo Gone!!

 Somehow we survived, no thanks to the Humans, and we lived to ride another day. Human came back last night and since there were no monsters in the arena, we had a decent ride. She was so happy that the monsters were gone that she treated me really well. I even got carrots. Makes me wonder if I should "see" monsters more often, and then not "see" them the next ride? Might be good plan.

I smelled carrots yesterday, so I looked for them everywhere.

Finally, I just asked:
Do you have any carrots for the Monster slayer?

Yeah, I see more monsters coming on.......

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