Friday, June 14, 2013

Pippi - High as a Kite!!

Please to enjoy:

Pippi was given a sedative for the Ultrasound we had done last Friday. Her leg had to be clipped and she had to stand still so the Vet could get a good read. She was so confused.
The first thing she did after she received the shot, was take a step forward and put her face into the crook of my arm. She leaned more and more as the sedative took hold, and drooled into my hip. I could feel her teeth on my hip bone, slobber soaking my shirt. The video above is from right after the ultra sound was completed.

I had read countless articles, watched videos, checked out images and was well armed with information as to what a healed Tendon should look like in an ultra sound image. As I was watching the screen from behind and over, I did not have a clear view. When I first saw a giant round black spot, I panicked. Sheer sweat panic!. I was convinced that she was not healed at all, and that all our work had been too soon and way too much. Had to concentrate and not hyperventilate.

After the Vet was done, he showed me the images, and (cue the angel horns) all was well. I was able to see the fibers in the black hole, and saw that they were attached all around and evenly spaced. YIPPEEE!!

Pippi is doing great. She could still improve a bit more, but the Vet stated that she is at the end stage of healing. At the one year anniversary (Labor day) it will be as good as its gonna get. Doc did not give us any restrictions, but the chance for re-injury is greater with jumping. He recommended strongly that we limit our jumping, to cross rails and 18" fences, as the impact from that height is about the same as a canter. Anything higher would "torque" the tendon, and a cause injury. He did warn me that tendons are weaker after injury, and that with the size of her "hole"....... well, he was impressed with my slow and steady rehab. Seems lots of riders rush that, and the horse pays the price.

So, we are back baby!!

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