Monday, December 10, 2012

And then we Rode!!! (boring video)

I know I stated that I was going to wait to ride Pippi until December 29th, but I changed my mind. I changed it the moment Pippi, fully tacked, led me over to the mounting block last Wednesday, sidled up next to me and said "I'm ready, let's go."

Well, I didn't have my helmet with me, so I was not ready. Regardless of what Rick Gore says in his asinine Article I NEVER ride without a helmet. And you shouldn't either. But I digress.....

So Friday Donna came with me, and boy were we excited. You would have thought we were going on a cruise around the world. Counting the minutes, laughing with excitement the whole way there. What would happen? How would Pippi handle a rider again? Would she spunk out on me? How would I handle that?

I lunged her, and then mounted up with the lunge line still attached and lifelined to Donna.

  Oh, I know, wasn't that exciting?  Kind of hard to film when the horse keeps following you. And why oh why do I have to look like such a doofus in a helmet. Good ol' roundface. (Any suggestions for a helmet for an oval type head?) Since Pippi seemed totally calm, and the lifeline was such a hassle, we unhooked and free wheeled.

We are the "Green Team." (Another fascinating, can't take your eyes off of it, ride)

Mostly we just meandered about. Just enjoying the experience and chilling out. Donna and I joked about how anti-climactic it was. And about how the reason Pippi loves the hay there is because there is a lot of "weed" in, and that is why she is so relaxed and lazy. The extra poundage is more likely the reason, and hopefully the groundwork I have put in.
So we are back in the saddle. Since I waited it out until she was fully healed, only lunging during rehab, we can do both walk and trot right off the bat. I will do that for a while, before asking for the canter. After riding the other day her leg did not swell, and there was no heat at all.
So we are off.......

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