Monday, October 8, 2012

Example of my work for 2-Point Bling

This is the Stitched out Drawing....

......based on this photo.

I have been working on doing stitched portraits of my horse Pippi, and the above is my first attempt. I like it a lot, and think that it looks a lot like my mare. Expression and everything.

When I showed the stitching to Donna, she recognized Pippi right away, even though she did not know I was working on this. So that is a good sign, right?

There are a few areas that I would like to change, but overall I am thrilled with the result.

So here is my question; I would love to offer to make 5x7 stitched portraits (on clothing, and/or framed) for sale of customers horses. This takes a lot of time and effort, making the drawing match and look right, and then  digitizing that and making sure it stitches nicely. So, how much is that worth? It will take me 5-6 hours per portrait, maybe less as I get better at it.

Please give me some feedback. Is this even something that you would buy? Thanks!

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