Monday, April 2, 2012

Pippi + Miranda + Malin = 3 years.

As with most people in the horse world, we have come up against some craptacular people in the last three years. Those people have at times made it quite difficult to enjoy our equestrian world, but this post is not about them. This post is a tribute to the people in our lives that we have met only because we met Pippi.

It goes without saying that Pippi is our lives gift. We adore her, and even though we have had our ups and downs the three of us are a team and tied at the hip. It has been three years, today, since the first time we laid eyes on each other. As with most horse/human relations, it felt like Kismet when Pippi trotted over that rise and we first saw her. Miranda exclaiming "who is that?" in awe of her beauty, the wind picking up her long mane and Pippi trotting towards us. She was not the "right" horse for us, but oh was she ever the Right Horse for us.
So back to the Humans Pippi brought into our lives:
Donny: I am sure I have mentioned our good friend Donny in my blog here and there, but in case I have not been clear; Donny is a Fantastic person and a dear friend. He is adorable with his new fauxhawk, and way too kind. I worry constantly that he offers too much, as I just do not want to take advantage like so many has. We are lucky to have some of the greatest and most caring friends in the world, and Donny is a shining Jewel amongst Jewels. He is Miranda's best friend, and the apple of my eye.Yesterday he came down with truck and trailer and took Pippi to the barn where he trains, and gave her a great work out. Pippi does not get ridden by anyone besides Miranda and I as a rule. Sure, sometimes a person will come along and sit on her, but no one else rides her. So when Miranda broke her leg, and it became clear that her healing would take some time, plans had to be made for Pippi. She is at a critical stage in her training, it is finally coming together, and she is now a horse that knows her job and will do it. (I Know!! Can you believe it? after all the stop and goes and all the drama, she is now like, totally a Hunter horse, so amazing!!) So, clearly, this was not the time to allow her to stand around like a lawn ornament, no matter how pretty she may be. I can ride her, but let's face it, I am such a newb that Pippi would not really be kept in shape, or kept up to date on her actual skills beyond Trot, trot some more and trot a bit now. I can canter her, but without a large sandy arena I just don't feel comfortable.( We only have a field and with all the divets Pippi has put in it, and the tight space, I just can't get the nerve. Chicken? Sure) But I digress; Donny is Aaaahh - wait for it -mazing! He plans on competing with Pippi for us in late April, and we are excited to see how that goes. Pippi was a champ last night. A little confused by the new rider, but she went with it, and rose to the challenge. Offering flying leads, and all. I actually think this will be good for her, as she is way to emotionally tied to Miranda and I. As an example she actually licked my face when she came off the trailer back at home late last night. Licked it!! I had not seen her for a few hours, as I left when Donny was done with Pippi, and he then rode his own horses for a while. So when she came off the trailer and saw me, she turned, stuck her tongue out and licked me from chin to hairline. Thank God I am a middle aged woman, and had my Night blindness glasses on as half my face was covered in horse splittle. Btw, horse spit is a bit salty, just so you know.

Digress Digress Digress

Kevin and Donna: What can I say? They are family, and we just love them. And what's even better, they love us back. We have known each other for two years, seems like more, and live just a few blocks apart. They own 11 mini horses, that Miranda started showing with them. And after a year and a half of trailering us to shows, they offered to let Pippi move into their mini world. And we have now been there for six months without any drama filled incidents. We help each other out, we have each others back, and we truly enjoy every moment together. Kevin calls Pippi "my buddy" and Kevin and I are the raunchiest, most socially unacceptable pals on the planet. If salty language is not your style, you may want to stay clear of us at the Amish auction. Example: I bought a saddle rack, and Kevin yelled over "hey lady, love your rack." I answered, "well, thank you, it's real and spectacular!" We share a love of tools, horses, hard work, one liners and bullshit.
Donna is the embodiment of warmth. She exudes kindness and love, but has a backbone of steel. She thinks of the little things, and is always going out of her way to ease your day. I love doing things for her, as she always notices, and because it allows me to spend time with her. Who knew that mucking stalls could be such a pleasure shared? Donna has a real clever sense of humor, and can fire off some funny comments that catches me off guard. It is always a blast when she gets worked up enough to really curse!!

The three people mentioned above are without a doubt the best of the best, but I can not write this post without mentioning the most important gift Pippi gave me; my daughter Miranda. Pippi as allowed me to keep a very close, and fun, relationship with my daughter through the teenage years, through the drama, and through the inevitable separation that occur as your child grows up. With Pippi's help we have learned to have a new ever changing and growing relationship. One where we stand on a more balanced footing, and where we work together (and sometimes not) for a common goal. Miranda is the toughest, most hard working, caring and loving girl on this planet, and sharing these three years with her and Pippi have been a true gift. We do not always agree, but we have learned to respect each others opinion more through our "horsery."  And for that Pippi is worth her weight in gold.

The last three years have shown us the best of humanity and some of the worst. We have met some really great people, too many to mention, but all because "two people fell in love" (as the song says) with a horse.

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  1. I have a poem somewhere that talks about a dad being questioned on why he bought a horse for his daughter...aren't they really expensive, etc. Your post reminded me of that poem because the dad answers with all the ways the horse has influenced his daughter's choices in life. And how the horse is priceless - so true!


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