Monday, June 6, 2011


Just wanted to share a Picture of Pippi surveying her new surroundings.

 We feel so blessed to have such a great, drama free, place to enjoy our passion. The arena was very wet and soggy yesterday so Daughter and Pippi trained by riding around the pond for a while. It was just beautiful. The sound of birds chirping, and ducks playing in the pond made it a perfect day.
(Meanwhile at our old barn, the horses were left out during a monster thunderstorm Saturday night, and went through the electric fence and were scattered around the property. Just proves that moving was the best option for Pippi and us.)


  1. Hi! I thought I recognized that pretty profile picture as Pippi; the aloof one who wouldn't give poor Gilly the time of day (sigh) he was heart broken that day! LOL
    Well, of course you are welcome to come out and visit. I just got back from a short 45 minute ride. Should have gotten up earlier, can one get up before the flies???? Maybe if I ride in the dark with a headlamp on so I can see where we are going! LOL
    Now off to mow the yard, heard that more bad storms are heading this way this afternoon....dislike!!! :-(

  2. So glad that Pippi loves her new digs! Looks heavenly!


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