Thursday, March 11, 2010

I can't get no satisfaction.

I am doing something terrible; terribly hard that is. I am cutting my chocolate habit, and going back to my childhood rules. Candy happens on Saturday. I remember planning my candy for days in advance. Knowing the prices of everything, and how much money I would be given was serious business. The flavors, the moods, it all had to go together perfectly. I am a candy connoiseur, and take it quite seriously. But now that I have found out that I have a health issue (that has its own ribbon - not pink!), it might just be time to grow up. Other people my age drink wine, and become quite knowledgable about that. I can tell you what chocolate go with what heart break, or what time of the month. No nuts at that time of the month; just a king size hershey bar, or in a pinch some hershey kisses although all the silver wrappings will make you hate yourself in the morning. Hide them under other trash, especially at the office. You don't want others to know about your Problem!!

Quitting smoking feels like a walk in the park next to this. I LOVE chocolate more than most people love oxygen.
Chocolate - for when you can't have sex!
Chocolate - for when life brings you down.
Chocolate - for when life brought you up!

Chocolate is consolation, reward, love and celebration all rolled into one.
I am also supposed to give up caffeine - Fat chance! That is the only thing keeping my family alive right now.
I'm not kidding!

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