Monday, January 28, 2013

The oh so elusive bend to the right.

Pippi can bend to the left with no thought what so ever, she just goes forward and her bend is natural and soft. So the plan is to always go counter clockwise!!


Oh how it wish it was that easy. How I wish we could just say, well,........she doesn't bend that way.(Not that there is anything wrong with that.....) Sure we can go that way, we just can't bend while doing it. At this point it is a fight, and the moment I ask for a bend she dives inward, and throws her head. Kind of like a "oh hell NO!" moment. So we keep working on it. Lots of direction changes, lots of serpentines, lots of flexing, and lots of "oh hell NO!!" 

So thinking cap back on. What is the deal? 
Back to elementary school we go. GROUNDWORK. I hopped off after cool down, and decided to walk her around for a bit. On her left side, she walks forward with head slightly towards me, on her right side? Did not even walk forward! Bingo! New rule, Pippi is now only to be lead around on her right side. We walked around for a bit, and she seemed to get it, a human can also lead on the other side? Wow! The more we walked, the more relaxed she became, and I was able to tilt her ever so slightly towards me as we ambled about. 
Today, we will start on the ground with that, and see what happens. 

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